How to Move Past the Obstacles of Body Shame.

( Overcoming the body shame and negative self-image is as harmful as poison. For some of us, it’s a deep pain that we hardly share with someone. When you don’t like something about your body, you change the way you interact with people. Some people even put limitations on their personal life just because of the shame.

If the feelings of body shame stay with you, unnoticed and unaddressed, they will slowly make you self-critical. You may not notice it, but you will make your mind to avoid behaving in a certain way. Many of us don’t smile because they think they are ugly, some don’t even wear their favorite color because they think it won’t look good on them.

I have seen my friends who are beautiful inside and out, but most of them have a secret feeling of shame that stops them from loving their body. Some of them don’t meet people just because they stutter. Some of them think they are too skinny to wear half sleeve t-shirts or too fat to try on a dress.

Most of us, when we see others experimenting with their looks, feel sad about ourselves and become more critical about our own looks. From hairstyle to physique and dressing sense, people limit their freedom because of these feelings. They want to end it, they want to be free from this cycle of body shame, but they hesitate.

The good thing is, you can break the habit. You can actually overcome those feelings, here’s how.

Don’t settle for little

There’s a fear that stops you from exploring and you need to kill it now. Stop hiding from people. The next time you attend a conference or a party, don’t stand in the corner. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, at least a little. Don’t hide because it is bad for your social life. By hiding, you disconnect yourself and feel alone.

Face the consequences

When you put yourself in the front, you may face challenges you have been avoiding. More people will come out and speak to you and you will receive more attention. It clearly means that people will make you speak more.

Since you have been avoiding these situations for a long time, you may not find things to talk about. Maybe you will feel that you lack communication skills or you’re a boring person. Let it happen because that’s how you’ll break those feelings. Let people see your vulnerabilities and stop worrying about what they will think about you.

Beat the bully

You are your biggest enemy if you keep criticizing and mocking your own physical presence. One of my friends used to avoid smiling because deep inside she had a thought that she has a very ugly smile. I noticed this and tried to tell her that she was wrong about her own body. I told her how beautiful she looks when she smiles, but she used to take the compliments as sympathy. I see many people do this and they don’t support themselves. If you really want to overcome the feelings of body shame, offer yourself some support and kindness. Remember, people remind you that you’re overthinking about your body and they don’t do it for sympathy.

Practice gratefulness

You can’t get everything in life because your desires will never end. Count your blessings by reminding yourself about the great things you have. Don’t just tell positive things to yourself, start believing in what you say. You are beautiful and you should be grateful for it. Your life is precious, you are a free soul, so please don’t put yourself down.

It may take time, but the moment you will break the walls of shame, you will realize how badly you were damaging your growth. You will see how paying attention to just one problem stopped you from seeing the beautiful things you are blessed with.

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

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