5 Eye-Opening Realizations That Helped Me Cure Regular Heartburn.

(BlackFitness101.com) Tired of regular heartburn? I was in the same condition a few years back. I experimented a lot which I wouldn’t suggest you do because health is precious and incorrect self-diagnosis is too risky. When I was going through this pain, I found out some interesting and shocking facts about heartburn and its causes, here I am sharing all that information with you.

Weight is the “real” problem

Heartburn, acid reflux, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are common problems. Surprisingly for me, obesity turned out to be a major cause of heartburn. I do exercise, yoga, but I could see that I was still overweight, or I must say my weight was above the standard average.

I talked to a friend who is a nurse and she told me that the internal pressure caused by fat could be the reason for regular heartburn. I didn’t realize that the esophageal sphincter was not closing fully and it was causing me to have heartburns almost every day. I took this advice seriously and after reducing the excess fat, which was damaging my internal organs, I felt better. Those frequent heartburns magically disappeared.

Garlic is a secret evil

Anything that allows acidic stomach contents flow back into the esophagus is bad. The esophagus is a tube that connects your stomach with the mouth. Obesity is not the only reason for heartburn and acid reflux problems. I have read many health blogs that suggest garlic as a cure for heartburn but in my case, it was the evil.

Although garlic paste and raw garlic have many health benefits. I was regularly eating garlic in curries and pickles, but I won’t recommend eating, especially if you’re suffering from acid reflux. It’s true that everyone has a different body type and anything can trigger acid reflux, but if you’re facing regular heartburns, try to reduce the amount of garlic you eat (if you do).

Even normal water can cause heartburn

I tried both normal water and alkaline water and to my surprise, even the normal water was causing me heartburn. Many health experts have already written a lot about the ill effects of alkaline water, so it’s needless to say how badly it can affect your health. As far as drinking normal water is concerned, the truth is we need water and keeping your body hydrated should be your first priority.

In my case, the problem was not the water, but the way I used to consume it was totally wrong. I used to swallow water that too in large quantity. Instead of sipping, I used to drink water in hurry. As a result, the air that went with the water caused the burning sensation. It was frequent until I changed this habit. If you use a water bottle instead of a proper cup or glass, please make sure sipping water rather than pouring it. This small change helped me a lot.

Food habits matter a lot

I’ve suffered from regular heartburns for a long time. One thing I realized that eating late was one of the reasons among all. Chocolates and fried chips were the culprits. Eating junk food didn’t show its effect in the first few days, but later I realized that it can’t be good for me. Certain food items also made things worse and not chewing food properly was a bad idea. I stuck to the new rules and successfully came out of that problem.

Soda may not help

I often heard people saying that soda with lemon is the best cure for heartburn. Instead of choosing Coke or Pepsi, I tried the lemon and baking powder mixture with water. I felt better for some time, but later I realized that it’s really not a great solution and I had bad heartburn.

What cured heartburn for me was not taking soda regularly and I strictly avoided colored soda. I tried to find the reason and then I came to know that this kind of drinks, and tablets that are basic in nature, cause more problem. They tell the stomach to produce more acid.

If you’re prone to regular heartburn, don’t wear tight clothes because it also creates many problems. Always remember that we all are different and our bodies are different too, so if you are not getting relief, rather than choosing self-medication, consult a specialist.

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

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