Four Things to Consider When Working Out Pregnant.

( Eating healthy and having a good fitness regimen is important to having a pregnancy that allows you to stay productive. Granted every pregnancy is different some women are unable to workout in their first trimester, and throughout their pregnancy, due to complications. For those that can workout the movement is good for you and your baby. When you are used to working out a certain way there are some things you must reconsider due to your pregnancy.

As you have already found out everything is definitely not the same. Your body is going through many changes and it very well may take more just to get going in the morning. Your diet is changing as you are decreasing some items like the amount of coffee you drink, eliminating the wine, and drastically increasing water, fruits and veggies. Several of the changes are good, but if they are not the norm for you it is still an adjustment. Below are four things to consider as your workout pregnant.

1. Your body may require an actual breakfast to sustain a workout in your new state. Many of us have mastered smoothies, and even working out on water and coffee. Those that experience morning sickness must be more strategic with what they eat. However, you may have to get a sound breakfast in you an hour or so before your workout to sustain the workout with the best chance of not wanting to throw up everywhere. The body requires more fuel in this state, and you very well may be fighting fatigue. Whereas just a green smoothie once did the trick you might need to add eggs, maybe multigrain toast, and toast. Your body is using a lot of energy for the baby, and that is the body’s priority, so you must add more to your morning breakfast.

2. Movement is one of the keys to making your workouts happen. The first trimester of pregnancy, and the third, are often riddled with fatigue. The kind of tired that makes you want to sleep the day away with no thought of getting up let alone working out. Give yourself more time to get up in the morning and begin moving. You might lay in bed a few minutes longer, but once you put your feet on the floor and begin moving about your morning you will feel your motivation to make your workout come to you. Even if you don’t feel it you know the workout is for a greater purpose and that is often the extra pick me up needed.

3. Be patient and gentle with your body while working out. You will find as you progress with your pregnancy you will have to adjust how you work out. As your baby grows inside you will find that your back doesn’t have the same stability you are used to, your balance is not as reliable, and quick movements can be very dangerous. It is very important to gauge where your body is as your workout. Stretching will be one of your greatest assets as is will allow your muscles to be more pliable and help prevent injury. At this point high intensity workouts may have to way until after the baby is born.

4. Listen to the indicators you body give you. There will be days your feel like 100% and you can get more done in the gym. However, your body will tell you when you are about to over do it. Listen. Fitness is important, but you want to be wise in your workouts. Don’t overdo your workout to the point that you are unable to move, or function afterwards. You don’t want to turn the positives of working out into a negative by doing to much and injuring yourself.

A lot is changing in your body. Always consult with your doctor about your workouts, and if you are having any pain or discomfort. Be sure you are eating enough before the workout, and after so you don’t feel as drained going through your day. Be patient with yourself, and tailor the workout to what you are capable of doing at this time. Let your body guide you as to what you can and can not do. Enjoy your workout and continue to grow in strength as your baby is growing.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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