Is Not Exercising Worse Than Smoking? New Study Says So.

( What happens to your body when you don’t exercise at all? According to a new study, it hurts your body more than what smoking cigarettes could do. In fact, not exercising is worse than having diabetes or a cardiovascular disease, the study says.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network reveals that the researchers conducted a study from 1991 to 2014 on a group of 122,007 patients. They put these patients under exercise tests, particularly treadmill tests (ETT), to observe mortality rates. Those who performed bad or had reduced performance on ETT were at a higher risk of death. The study reveals a clear connection between exercise and death risk.

It is a well-known fact that an active lifestyle can help people live longer. The study concludes that those who don’t exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle suffer more. The effects are equivalent of having diabetes or any life-threatening heart disease. Reduced activity clearly means that the risk is equivalent to traditional risk factors like smoking and coronary artery disease.

Those who perform poorly on treadmill test or are unfit are risking their lives just like current smokers do. The study also highlights an interesting fact about “high performers”. It was found that people who are super active, they don’t face problems because of their habit of exercising too much. The researchers have made it clear that there’s no such limit where exercise becomes bad for a person. The benefits of exercising are limitless, so there’s no need to worry about being among the high-performers.

As far as the right age for exercise is concerned, the study suggests that there’s no such limit on age. Anyone at any age can start exercising because people who are fit can enjoy the benefits of exercise regardless of their age. That said, estimating your strength and capability is very important. The study says that those who are super active still have lower mortality, but it’s always good to ask your doctor before you proceed with any fitness plan.

Asking questions won’t hurt and it’s good if you are already facing some health problems. If you never took exercise seriously, you should start making plans now. If you can join a gym or yoga classes, it’s good, but if you can’t do it for any reason, you can set up a small home gym for yourself. You can buy some basic equipment even on a low budget. Barbells, weights, dumbbells, and jump ropes are less expensive as compared to the high-end machines like a treadmill and automatic gym equipment.

If you are not able to use these things for any reason, you can try some simple exercises. People with limited mobility can try stretching, seated tricep dips, shoulder press, knee raise, and reverse crunches. These are some painless exercises that can help you stay fit if your body or age doesn’t allow you to hit the gym or use gym equipment at home.

Nowhere in the study, is it mentioned that a person needs to start practicing a certain set of exercises. The most important message of the study is that people should stay active no matter what they do. There are many ways to stay fit and you don’t have to follow an intense workout routine. All you have to do is to keep your body active so that the risk of suffering can be reduced.

So starting from today, make sure that you will spend at least 15 to 30 minutes on exercise. Remember, any form of exercise is good as long as it is safe for your body. If you have questions, check with your doctor or ask for suggestions.

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

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