Workout for Your Mood.

( Life is stressful. Every day we seem to be bombarded with negativity and challenges. Combative energy can come from so many different sources such as work, trauma, family, financial woes, and even social media. We won’t even begin to talk about the social climate of our country. Staying positive, and upbeat, is becoming more of a challenge every day. Granted the blows of life can cause some of us to slip into sorrow and depression while others are flat our angry.

This is another kind of energy that has to get out or we are incapable of being our best person. Some will look to medication, some will shut down, and others eat for comfort. We are always looking for a way to pick ourselves up…to restore balance to our mood. Exercise is a natural counter to the negativity that is thrown at us, and we yeahmanblack-couple-exercisinggain confidence along the way.

It is already proven that working out is a great way to relieve stress. It gives us a positive space to channel negative energy. Sometimes life throws us curve balls that make us just want to punch something, or someone, well the gym gives us an outlet for those feelings. Sometimes it can be a simple act of clearing our minds, and hitting the reset button. Sometimes we even encounter positive people while working out in the gym, or taking the much needed walk in the park. When we are exerting this kind of energy, turning the negative into a positive, we can unplug from the monotony of whatever has our energy upset.

In addition to exerting energy we can also boost our confidence which will put us in a better emotional state…hence a better mood. Working on our body to better our health is a journey that allows us to see results. When we recognize we have trimmed the waistline, let go of some pounds, toned a target area, and rehabbed an injury or just feel stronger we gain more confidence. There is joy in reaching a goal, and having others recognize the accomplishment. You could be having a terrible morning, but you grabbed your gym bag and clothes for the day headed out regardless of the bad energy. When you put on the pants that you once could not wear…now you are looking at the fruit of your hard work and you are in a better place.

Sometimes we must work out for our mood, and make this investment not only in our physical health…but in our mental health. We don’t have all of the answers to the challenges of life, but we can do things that would help us get to that answer while in a calm space. Allow exercise, yoga and meditation to help your mood, and energy. It will make you stronger for you, and then that energy will radiate to others. This is something we can each do for ourselves in our home, gym or outdoors. Whichever is most comfortable for you allow exercise to be a positive medicine to negative energy.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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