The Workout Look.

( Fitness is a multi-million dollar industry. There are gym memberships, trainers, workout DVDs, workout equipment, and fitness apparel. The workout look is popular and making its way into fashion. There are many women that don’t step foot inside of a gym, and don’t workout but they definitely look like it. One must be careful not to fall into the trend of “the workout look”. This trend can be rather costly, and some workout clothes really are for show offering no real advantage during an actual workout. As a matter of fact if not careful some items can cause you problems if they are not actual workout grade garments.

Tights are everywhere. I must admit they are comfortable, and they can be dressed up or down. Workout tights have become a crazed trend. They are not restricted to the merely the gym, but can be black-couple-gym-clothes2016seen just about anywhere with running shoes and a trendy racerback tank. One must understand in a gym, actually working out, they are great for movement…however there is a difference between decorative tights, and compression tights. Compression tights are excellent for working out; they assist with blood flow while helping hold large muscle areas in place. Some compression tights, and shorts, help decrease the pulling of certain muscles while reducing swelling. This is important to note as many pregnant women wear workout clothes due to the comfort; compression tights are a great asset when pregnant.

Furthermore, racerbacks does not equal support ladies. There are many fashionable sports bras on the market…some are reasonable while others are expensive in pricing. However, it is very important to make sure you are wearing a sports bra that offers the proper support you need during a workout. Fashion, in this regard, should take a back seat to health. Sports bras are supposed to restrict the amount to movement, up/down and side to side, that can be caused during a workout. Not wearing the right sports bra cans cause stretching of the tissue in your breast that can cause serious damage even if pain does not occur. The material should be moisture wicking so that chaffing does not occur. If the sports bra is fashionable great, but make sure it is truly supportive.

One of the expensive arenas is that of the shoes. There are so many different kinds of athletic sneakers that it can be rather hard to keep up with. This is another area whereby one should not sacrifice quality for fashion. Granted you should also be aware that some shoes will be overpriced due to name brand regardless of quality. Having the proper arch support is very important. If you will be running or cross training…there are shoes specifically for those purposes. It may take a bit of research, and knowing your needs to find the right shoes for a reasonable price.

Adequate workout clothes doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The workout look is what’s trend right now, and to some that matters. However, make sure that your workout attire works for you in the gym. You want your clothing to be an asset to your workout not a hindrance. High expense is not required to work on your fitness goals. The workout look may be hot, but if you choose not to follow the crowd that’s ok.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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