Time to Shed the Winter Fluff.

(BlackFitness101.com) After the holiday season many of us must return to the gym to rid ourselves of what is considered the winter fluff. In addition to the holiday we tend to eat plenty of stew, chili and thick soups due to the cold weather. Furthermore, cold weather can keep some people out of the gym once it gets severe. The winter season is also loaded with holidays and travel. Unfortunately, some of us are even nursing injuries. This is a season whereby many of us stray from our gym routine, and as a result we gain the fluff. Some of us notice we may be a bit sluggish, and our metabolism doesn’t seem to be firing off the same. Working out helps to fight depression, and it can aid in a good night’s rest.

Some find themselves experiencing unfavorable side effects of time off from working out. New Year’s brings about a flood of people into the gym as working on health is a common “resolution”. Of course I will always tell you never put your faith in a mere New Year resolution. Being healthy, and in one’s best shape, take a plan that is executed with discipline and consistency. Once you decide it’s time to get back to your workout routine there are a few things you would want to remember, and consider.

1. Get on the scale and see where you are now. Don’t do this to dwell, but you want to know where you are starting from and set your goal for where you want to be.

2. Remember you are just getting back to the gym. There is always an urgency to shed unwanted fluff. However, you must access where you are right now…not where you were. It’s important to ease back into your routine, and allow your body to adjust.

3. Hydration is VERY important. On the date you plan to return to the gym make sure you are hydrated. The body needs water, and lots of it. Please do not substitute water for other drinks. Though there are drinks that help hydration the body needs water to function properly. You don’t want cramps and pinch sides to great you on the treadmill due to dehydration.

4. Don’t let anyone push you beyond your means. If you have a trainer, they can coach you back to where you were safely. However, don’t allow anyone to push you to get back on machines with the intensity you had months ago after being out of the gym for a couple of months.

5. Breathe, and just work stick to your workout plan, and diet. You will be back to yourself in no time, but you will have to make a few sacrifices.

Many of us are ready to shift our attention to working on our summer beach body. This is a good focus as it will help you shed the winter fluff by working towards a positive goal. It won’t disappear overnight but with diligence you will be on your way to your summer certified look.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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