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(BlackFitness101.com) It is widely accepted that regular exercise produces unparalleled positive effects on the body. Studies continually conclude that regular exercise, regardless of fitness level, muscle tone, or age, produces positive results on a person’s memory, sleep patterns, and physical stamina. With all the benefits of exercise, one of the its most important benefits is its ability to ease, prevent, and alleviate the symptoms of mild to moderate depression and other mental health issues.

Generally speaking, studies show people that exercise regularly report a higher sense of self-worth and well-being. Exercising several days per week can boost the immune system, helping the body ward off or reduce symptoms of depression and other illnesses. Additionally, exercising can help prevent depression through concentrated breathing techniques during different types of work-out routines and increases in body temperature. Both aspects of 123blackcouplegymexercise have calming effects on the brain and body. Even if you don’t like typical gym-style workouts, there are a lot of hiking benefits, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors while getting fit.

When under stress, an individual may experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Some physical responses to stress may include tense muscles, change in appetite, and disrupted sleep patterns. Psychologically, a person may experience emotional imbalances and instability along with the inability to focus and memory lapses. While these can be considered minor irregularities, when combined or continuous, it can cause a vicious cycle and lead to depression. Exercising can assist with preventing depression for many reasons. When engaged in exercise, the brain releases endorphins, prompting muscles to relax and promote better sleep, eating, and help with attention issues. One of the causes of depression seems to be when the brain is in low supply of certain chemicals. Exercising can help activate these chemicals in the brain, while increasing over well-being.

Research shows that exercising on a regular basis has the same effect on a person as anti-depression medication. There have been several studies published in Harvard Health Publications that conclude maintaining a regular fitness regimen may also prevent a person from relapsing back into depression as well. This is partly due to the regulation of endorphins that are released while working out. Additionally, group fitness programs can help encourage social interaction and be a great source of motivation for physical and personal goals. By being active, individuals may become unstuck in negative feelings and thought processes and focus their attention on the physical and mental results they hope to achieve through exercise.

Doctors do not suggest a specific exercise regimen to prevent or alleviate depression. Being physically active for about thirty minutes a day for five days a week could produce desired results. While exercise itself may not be the singular cure for depression, several studies have confirmed its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of depression. Incorporating more physical activity into each day can produce positive outcomes for everyone, especially those suffering from depression.

Staff Writer; Janet Banks

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