Stretching is Essential.

( Many of us experience stress in our muscles that cause pain, and make us feel stiff as a board. Sometimes we can find ourselves walking slowly due to cramping, and workouts that make us so sore we want to stay in the bed. Stretching on a daily basis can help alleviate many uncomfortable ailments in our body. There are many aspects to fit living that are focused on to achieve optimum health. With that being said stretching is a component to exercise that is essential. Stretching can be a daily stand-alone practice, or a part of workout regimen. There are so many benefits to stretching other than flexibility. Range of motion, fluid retention, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, blood circulation and posture are just a few areas whereby stretching is an asset.

The ability to stretch is often taken for granted. More people than we realize are unable to bend over, with straight legs, and touch their toes. So many people suffer with locked joints, and compacted muscles. These things can lead to injury when working out, and in 2017black-woman-streching_exceveryday movement. Stretching is essential to functioning physically at our maximum potential. Taking a few minutes out of the day to stretch can prevent us from straining, and pulling muscles due to them being tight. Stretching is also a key component to rehabilitation once injury has occurred. It is important to regain full range of motion in recovery. Those that have jobs that require long periods of sitting can also benefit from stretching.

One does not have to be at home nor at the gym to take advantage of the benefits of stretching. Rolling our ankle and wrists as we are sitting, or standing after 45min of sitting to stretch our arms and
legs can help to promote blood circulation while working. This can also assist in the fluid retention that can be gain by sitting long periods of time. Stretching is great also for relaxation, meditation and clearing our minds. When coupled with breathing exercised stretching aids in combating stress which is beneficial physically, and mentally.

As with all things involving the body we must be sure we are executing correctly to avoid injury. It is not wise, when working out, to stretch cold muscles as they are tight. A light cardio warm up, or last in a workout, will be best before stretching. When stretching one will experience tension, and it can be uncomfortable starting out. However, stretching should not be unbearably painful. If you should find yourself in this kind of pain pull back. You want to always listen to your body, and act accordingly.

Stretching is a tool that can help us stay healthy mentally and physically. Incorporating it into one’s routine greatly increases the quality of life. Range of motion is important just to tie our shoes or zip a dress. Stretching will help prevent injury, and is necessary for a strong recovery from injury. It is often overlooked, but stretching is essential to our everyday life…and movement.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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