Being Fit is a Commitment to Consistency.

( New Year resolutions, self-awareness and health concerns often send people running to the gym with the ambitions to start a journey to fitness. Some have made the choice to eat healthy, in addition to workouts…and this is good. However, sometimes we have the wrong expectation about fitness. Losing weight, or just getting stronger is not something that will happen overnight. It will take time. We live in a society that wants everything yesterday.

We often buy into supplements and companies that promise us instant gratification. Yet, it is discouraging when we gain ground in our fitness journey only to have it undone in a matter of days. In addition to our nutrition plans, and gym membership the most important asset we will need to truly obtain our fitness goals…and maintain them…is consistency.blackcouple-WORKINGOUT-2017

This is definitely not the beat you up chat…but the pick you up. We can always get back up, and get back to work on our goals. However our mentality on the matter, and expectation, is what will determine how many times we will have to start over. Fitness is not seasonal. We must also be honest…some of us workout for the “summer body” then let it all go to hell in the winter. As we get older this becomes increasingly difficult to bounce back from as we had our bodies in fitness routine, and fell off because it got cold.

Mentality is everything. No we won’t get there in a day, week nor month, and it’s not for a season. For those of us that endeavor to lose weight…how we go about that is just as important as reaching the goal. We must be patient with ourselves by having a solid routine of consistent healthy living. Fitness is not just something to do…it has to become a way of life. Exercising to become stronger, and healthier, must become like breathing…necessary. I was once told to look at the fitness as a high paying career that would allow me to achieve all of my goals and dreams because I would have the health to do so. Consistency is what that gives birth to. We must be consistent in thinking, patience, and regimen to achieve long term results.

If find that consistency is an issue there are a few things that can assist you.

1. Actually write out a workout schedule taking into account all of your daily obligations.

2. Consider a gym that has classes whereby you can meet others that will encourage your journey.

3. Trainers are very useful in not only tailoring your workout to you, but they are great accountability partners.

4. If trainers aren’t your thing…still consider having an accountability partner. They come in handy on days you don’t “feel like it”.

5. Keep your goals before you at all times. Easy to stay focused when you see what you are working towards.

Many of us have fallen short of consistency in our fitness goals, but we can always begin anew. No one has to what for New Year’s or a scary health report to make fitness a priority. We can achieve so much when we have our health. When we commit to consistency we will reach our fitness goals, and it will become a part of how we live. This is a marriage that will always be a benefit to our life. The saying is true… “Health is wealth.”

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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