The 411; Jogging Vs Running.

( When it comes to the difference between running and jogging, there may not seem like there is much of a considerable distinction but what I will say is that the one major factor that makes them so different is the level of intensity that is involved.

So running and jogging are essentially the same thing apart from the fact that when you are jogging, the pace is a lot slower which is why a lot of people tend to choose jogging instead of running as it doesn’t require as much energy and output. You can also go for a much longer duration of time when jogging as the amount of energy you are using is considerably less compared to running.

There is also some variance when it comes to some of the effects that taking part in running and jogging can have on the body. Running tends to have quite a negative impact on the knees Jogging coupleespecially if you are running across surfaces that are uneven whereas jogging has shown to have much less of an effect on the joints.

However, running is the better option if you are looking to burn calories as the speed at which you run directly correlates to the amount of calories that can be burned within a certain amount of time. If you were to jog for 10 minutes compared to if you were to run for 10 minutes, you would find that more total calories would be burned after running.

When you are running, the muscles in your legs become activated in a slightly different way compared to the way that they become stimulated during jogging. This is because of the fact that when you are running at a faster pace, your feet spend a smaller amount of time where they are in contact with the floor. Jogging is a slower paced activity therefore your feet are not moving as quickly meaning that they spend a little longer being in contact with the surface so the muscles are effected in a slightly different way. The basic difference is that the faster you go, the more your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes have to work in order to keep the pace up, there is also more blood being sent to the legs so the muscles would appear to be significantly more pumped.

Just take a look at the difference in a runner and joggers’ physique. A runner tends to look more muscular whereas a jogger looks a lot skinnier so even though they are fairly similar forms of exercise, they can have an enormously different effect on the body.

The benefits post running and jogging are pretty distinctive too. The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen consumption is increased after, therefore running means that your body becomes starved of its oxygen reserves far more than they would if you were to go for a jog. So what are the benefits to oxygen depletion post workout?

Well it means that your body is put in more of a stressful situation to deal with as it needs to work to restore the oxygen levels back to normal. As a direct result of this, effort and energy is required, therefore your body is still in the process of burning calories many hours after you have finished running.

So overall, running and jogging are both beneficial however if you were looking to burn away more calories within a shorter amount of time and have those effects last long after exercising, I would recommend running on a more regular basis. Although jogging is a great choice for people who want to take things a little slower as you would be able to go for a longer amount of time; it all comes down to personal preference and what your goals are.

Staff Writer; Leroy Smith

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