Four Ab Exercises.

( Everyone wants to have a flat, toned abdomen, but this is not an easy thing to obtain. You have to work out constantly and to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. It is not simple to get rid of belly fat, but it is doable if you complete the right kind of exercises. These are the best abs exercises to blast away belly fat:

  • Spider-man. You know very well how annoying low abdomen fat can be. You can’t wear a tight pair of pants without having a “muffin top” and you can’t sit on a chair without feeling that your belly does not look right. Luckily, the “Spider-man” exercise can help get rid of the fat in this area, and you will be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

Lie down on the floor, with your face down, and support your body in your palms and toes. It is the same position that you have to Fit woman doing situps on fitness ballmaintain during push-ups, except that this time your arms need to be completely stretched.

Start with your right leg; move it forward under you, like you want to touch your right elbow with your right knee. When you feel like you can’t stretch your leg anymore, bring it back in the same position and repeat the move with the left leg. The faster you move your legs, the more effective this exercise will be. In order for this move to be effective, you have to keep your lower abdomen tense all the time.

  • Alright, this exercise might seem “too easy” at first, but you will be surprised to see how effective and exhausting it can be. It is one of the only exercises that will work on your entire abdomen, not to mention your arms, shoulder and legs. A few minutes of this exercise per day can tone your body and it can help you achieve the “dream body” that you wish for.

Lie down on a fitness mattress with your face down; support your body on your toes and forearms. Make sure that you maintain your entire body straight; don’t raise your butt and don’t leave your head down. Are you waiting for more instructions? There’s nothing more than you have to know, this is the exercise.

Maintain this position for 5 minutes, take a break of one minute then repeat. You will discover that you have to maintain your abdomen and legs tense in order to support yourself, so you are actually working on various groups of muscles without even moving.

  • Bicycle crunch. Crunches are well known by everyone, and they are effective if they are done in the correct way. However, bicycle crunches are way better, and you can count on them to tone your abdomen.

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Keep your legs together and raise your legs, then bend them at a 90 degrees angle. Move your right elbow towards the legs, and the left knee towards your chest. In this way your elbow and your knee will touch right above your abdomen. While you make this move, raise the upper part of your body. Get back in the initial position and repeat with your left elbow and your right knee.

  • Fitness Ball RollOut. For this exercise you will need a fitness ball. You can use it for various exercises that will slim down your body.

Go down on your knees and keep your hands on the fitness ball. Make sure that you maintain your abdomen and back tense. Roll the ball in front of you as much as you can, until you have to support yourself on your feet. Then roll it back until you reach back on your knees. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes daily.

Even though it might seem difficult at first, you will notice that after a few days you will get used to your new exercise routine. The results will show up in a matter of weeks, and nothing will stop you from having the toned abdomen that you deserve!

Staff Writer; Janet Banks

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