Drinking Water Yet Dehydrated.

(BlackFitness101.com) Many people, on average, do not drink enough water on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a good portion of the population lives with some degree of dehydration. Contrary to thought simply drinking liquid will not remedy dehydration. Certain drinks, especially those high in caffeine, can actually cause dehydration. Many of us know this, but what we didn’t know is we could be drinking a ton of water and still feel the effects of dehydration. If doesn’t take the body a long time to adjust to your newfound water intake. However, there are a few things to consider when drinking water if your aim is to stay hydrated. In many instances simply drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day, 64oz, is not enough for the body to function. You may want to look more towards drinking half of your bodyweight in water. So, if you are 200lbs you need 100oz of water. If you drink that 100oz everything should be okay, as in no dehydration, right? Not necessarily, we must make sure we are intaking things such as electrolytes, potassium, and clean water to be sure we are getting the maximum benefit from the water we are drinking.

Many parts of the country right now are experiencing heat indexes of over 100 degrees on a regular basis. When that kind of heat keeping the body hydrated is more important than ever. Neglecting to do so, especially in this weather, can land one in the emergency room. This can be avoided with drinking the right amount of water, but doing so without forgetting electrolytes. Unless you buy a water with added electrolytes that’s not something you will find in your pure spring water. It can be found in drinks, and definitely in fruit. Infusing fruit with your water is one way to get the electrolytes you need while adding a bit of fun to your water intake. The decrease in electrolytes can leave you fatigued, dizzy, and having trouble with memory.

Guzzling large quantities of water at one time without eating anything can cause the water to run right through you…literally. You’ll be expelling water more than absorbing it for hydration. Consider drinking small amounts of water throughout the day. Allow the water to be had with healthy snacks and meals. When drinking water remember you will want your water to be as clean as possible. This would mean tap water can hinder your resolved to stay hydrated. Drinking bottled water that has good minerals, verses chemicals, will not only help hydration but it tastes better.

There are so many options on the market for water that will help you hydrate, and stay that way. One of my favorites is alkaline water; it taste great and I can begin the feel the difference in my body when dehydrated quickly. Remember to eat healthy vegetables and fruits along with your water. On days you are able to consume as much stand alone water the fruit will assist you in getting the water you need, and the electrolytes will be there. The key to fighting dehydration isn’t just I’m drinking water. You must consider how much water, what kind of water, and healthy food and snacks.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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