Careful When Judging Obesity.

( Obesity is a known medical problem that affects hundreds of Americans. It is also known that society can be judgmental and rather cruel about obesity. Unfortunately, as much as we don’t want to be judged on appearance, obesity is a area whereby judgement is passed with ease. Too many of us see an overweight person and assume the cause of their weight issues. Though this can happen with people that are extremely petite or underweight…there is a seething hatred towards obesity because it is unpleasant to look at in the eyes of many. Far to often it is assumed that an obese person is lazy, greedy, and can’t stop eating all the wrong foods to save their life. Let it be known there are people that appear fit, or at least in well enough shape to be average weight that have horrible diets, are lazy, and over eat.

We are just unable to tell these things from just looking at them. As we try to move, as a nation, towards health-conscious living it is time we understand fat-shaming doesn’t help people lose weight. If anything, it plunges them into depression, if they aren’t already there, and that can make losing weight difficult. There are many reasons a person can be battling with weight gain, and laving trouble with weight loss.

It is important to understand that some people that battle with obesity work to eat healthy, you see some of them in the gym, and they continue trying regardless of the fact that the scale isn’t moving. You might be thinking they are not eating the right foods for their body, maybe they aren’t eating enough, or maybe they need to adjust their workout. All of this could be true, or they could be in a serious fight with their thyroid so they are not losing weight as they should. They could be on medications for different ailments, or steroids, and the doctor is having difficulty adjusting the medication, but it is causing rapid weight gain.

Imagine doing everything you can to lose weight, but watching the scale go up no matter what you do. That is discouraging, and it can send you into depression. In that state one might give up on everything they have been doing and let the obesity win. It’s easy to say this shouldn’t happen when it is not the reality of your life. There are many illnesses that can also cause weight gain that many people are forced to life with. Obesity is not as simple as eating the wrong foods too much with a sedentary lifestyle.

Many people that reach a certain point in obesity become reclused in part because they know they are being judged. They know when they go out to eat someone is going to be eyeing them like for them to eat at all is disgusting. It doesn’t matter how well they are dressed or how intelligent they are these people know judgement will be passed because of their size, and why will not matter.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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