A Thin Line between Pregnancy and Fitness.

(BlackFitness101.com) Finding out you are having a baby can be a very exciting time in life. Some women see motherhood beginning from the moment they find out they are expecting. In that mindset she will seek to do all she can to stay healthy and make decisions that are in the best health of her baby. Some women may not care for vegetables but will begin eating them to make sure that their baby is getting all the nutrients they need. This is a time where meditation can be incorporated to help keep stress levels down to aid in keeping blood pressure down. The mother is looking to keep her energy as positive as possible so that positivity can be passed to the baby. In like fashion there can be a push towards fitness.

Women that already have standing workout regimens will find it easier to continue doing what they have been doing. If mom already plays a sport such as tennis, she would find it easier to continue for some time through her pregnancy because the body is already trained. This is very different from a woman that is pregnant and new to the gym.

Doctors encourage mothers to be active during pregnancy. Walking, stretching, pregnancy yoga, and swimming are some excellent ways to help control weight gain, stay mobile, and prepare for labor and delivery. Though many mothers battle with serious fatigue and vary degrees of nausea some are determined to add fitness to their health regimen while pregnant. Once the second trimester starts many mothers feel some of their energy come back which also boosts their ability to workout. However, with all the motivation to be as fit as possible while pregnant mothers that are new to fitness would want to be careful. Pregnancy isn’t the best time to take up learning a new sport like tennis.

It is important to keep in mind as your body changes with your pregnancy your equilibrium and balance will be affected. Sports that require a lot of abrupt start and stop running, or ones that have flying objects moving towards you at high speeds might not be safe while pregnant. It is very easy to fall due to balance being off, dizziness, or the onset of fatigue while taking up certain sports. You want to be fit, but very careful. You don’t want to risk placental abruption where the placenta detaches from the uterus in a serious fall taking up certain sports.

Fitness during pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but there is a line between working out according to your state and trying to take up what could be a dangerous sport when pregnant. Furthermore, it is important to be mindful that setting goals is positive but overworking your body while pregnant is very dangerous. If you have never been big into working out it would be wise to talk with your obstetrician about exercises that would be low impact, and safe for you while pregnant. When you are working out doing low impact exercises, you’d want to remember to stay very hydrated. The amount of fluids needed while pregnant and working out is much more than before you were pregnant.

There will be moments whereby you might feel like superwoman and find yourself wanting to go into the gym to have a monster workout. Use some of that energy to workout, and some to tend to other goals you may want to accomplish. The point is you want to remain healthy, active, and safe during your pregnancy. Fitness definitely has a line that pregnant women can’t cross safely so be careful and you remain active.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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