Making Your Biceps Grow Is Much Simpler Than You Think.

( Making your biceps grow needs something more than repeating your biceps exercises over and over again. Read this guide to see how you can grow bigger biceps by following a simple biceps workout plan.

Step 1: Strengthen your supporting muscles

To grow bigger biceps, chin-ups are a great idea to start your new workout routine. Chin-ups are challenging exercises that many people want to avoid. The reason is some people can do more, while others struggle to complete even one. Lifting your body weight up needs a lot of strength which you can build with practice.

If you want to grow bigger biceps, start practicing chin-ups because these exercises strengthen the core arm muscles including biceps and triceps. Chin-ups are better than pull-ups if your focus is building bigger biceps.

Push-ups don’t directly help you in growing biceps but you can do push-ups to strengthen your upper body parts including your shoulders, chests and full arms. It will help you quickly gain strength for challenging exercises like chin-ups and curls.

Step 2: Biceps Exercises

One of the easiest and most effective ways to grow biceps is dumbbell curls. Stand up straight holding dumbbells in your hands. Keep your upper arms fixed to your sides and lift your hands up one at a time. Now inhale and slowly move your hand back to the lower position. Repeat the same movement with the other hand.

There are many variations which you can try. For instance, you can do incline dumbbell curls and concentration curls. Keep in mind that you will need more strength to be able for specific biceps exercises. Other than the exercises mentioned above, stretching can also help you build strength, and most importantly, it makes your body flexible. So if you have never done any exercise before, start with stretching and you’ll notice how your stamina increases effectively.

Step 3: Follow a training routine

You don’t need to do biceps exercises every day. Remember that your muscles grow when you take enough rest. When you take rest, your body repairs the tissues and swelling of your muscles decreases. You have probably heard terms like leg day, chest day, and shoulder day etc. People follow a routine because the ultimate goal of the exercise is to keep your full body in shape.

For best results, make sure training your other body parts. Even professional bodybuilders don’t do biceps exercises every day and most of them recommend doing biceps workout twice a week. Setting a fixed time for your biceps workout is a good idea so that you won’t feel exhausted. A fixed routine and the right approach can protect your body from injuries.

Remember: It won’t happen in a day

Growing biceps takes time. No matter at what stage you are, you need to acknowledge that it will take time. When you start, you will see a little growth and tightened muscles on your arms, but soon after putting the dumbbells down, you will notice that your biceps look the same. It’s a process that needs time and dedication.

If you skip a session, don’t curse yourself or spoil your mood. Just make sure that it should not happen often and try to stick to your schedule. Our body has an inbuilt clock and when we follow a schedule, it starts reminding us about its needs. That said, always rely on trustworthy sources for information, especially if you are trying to grow biceps at home with or without equipment. Not using the right form of exercise is one of the major reasons why most people fail.

You may also need to make some lifestyle changes that include taking more protein as well as eating a balanced diet. So start focusing on these things and you will see your biceps growing.

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

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