Pregnancy Can Send You to the Gym.

( You have been telling yourself you need to get up and start going to the gym. You desire to have a life where fitness is a part of the routine, but you find it difficult to take that first step. There is always something to do, or something to handle that prevents you from making it to the gym. Its never a question of if fitness is important, but you might be like some people that realize the benefit but don’t know how to work past your apprehension. Going to the gym can be a very huge step for women that are body conscious, hate to sweat, or feel uncomfortable doing certain activities in public.

The concerns that present themselves are serious because they involve how you feel about yourself, and in some cases, it would take a bit of work to get through the mental roadblocks. However, there are events that can take place that can eclipse your greatest fitness concerns because the focus is much larger than self. One morning, after several body indicators, you decided to take a home pregnancy test and the result is positive.

There are several thoughts that can bombard you when you know you are going to be a mother or be a mother again. There is excitement, apprehension, and the need to be your best person for your baby. That need can send you to the gym you once found it hard to step into. Even if fitness has not been a part of your life you want to be healthy, and you want to provide your growing baby every opportunity to have a smooth transition into life. It is amazing, and beautiful, how children begin to take an effect on our life before they every arrive.

For them you are willing to face your fears, and even come to terms with yourself for them. This new information will force you to look at what you are eating, and work towards clean healthy eating. You will begin to look for ways to move. You realize that going to the gym is new for you, so you can’t walk in there and try to do everything immediately. Being pregnant you will definitely want to talk with your doctor to make sure your workout will be in line with what is best for your body at this state.

Though you are adjusting to your pregnancy and fatigue may be your new battle once you begin working out you will find that the workouts help with he tiredness you are feeling. You will be helping get your body in a better state for delivery while helping to relieve your mind of stress. The same gym you were once concerned about just may become your new happy place. You will get use to feeling stronger and having a peace of mind knowing you are doing something positive fir your health, and that of your baby. Sometimes its hard to get through the challenges we face to take that step that leads to a life of fitness. However, the beauty of life is the little one on the inside pushes us to want better beyond the challenges that have kept one stuck.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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