Careful Not to Wear Too Many Clothes While Working Out.

( It is drilled our heads that when we workout we need to sweat. If we aren’t sweating we aren’t burning calories, nor ridding our body of toxins. As with most things…to much of anything isn’t good for you. It is important to dress appropriately for your workout without adding risks for your body. When it’s cold it’s understandable that one puts on several layers when leaving the house. Furthermore, the lays may keep you from getting sick as you leave the gym damp from your workout. The problem is simply…wearing too much is dangerous.

It’s important not to trick yourself into believing over sweating is going to drop your weight asap. When over dressing you must concern yourself with overheating. “Wearing extra clothes during your run can keep you warm during cold weather, but during warm weather, extra layers can make you too hot. When people attempt to increase their body temperature during exercise, they put themselves at an elevated risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration because of their profuse sweating. This scenario is especially relevant among those who wear rubber or plastic attire during exercise.

Additionally, increased sweat during your run doesn’t mean you’re burning more calories.” While working out I noticed a lady getting on the treadmill, and she was bundled line it was at least 40 degrees outside. I was concerned she might overheat while doing her cardio. A few times her friends stopped to see was okay, and she made it clear she was fine…just needed to sweat more. Unfortunately, she overheated, and fainted in the middle of doing cardio on the elliptical. She was hurt so EMS was called, and the first thing they spoke about was the amount of clothing she was attempting wearing. Thank goodness this lady was okay, but she could have very well had to be make to the emergency room due to passing out.

Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistency, but you must also have patience with yourself. Some put on too many clothes, so they can sweat more, and burn more calories. The problem you can’t rush the fitness of your body, at the risk of your overall safety. “Unless you legitimately need extra clothes to keep you warm, don’t look for shortcuts to increase the weight-loss benefits of your run. Running’s high caloric burn, coupled with its other numerous health benefits, including boosting your stamina and building stronger muscles and bones, makes this exercise a valuable addition to your workout regimen. When you weigh the minor extra caloric burn you’ll experience by wearing extra clothing against the risks, you’re better off running for just an extra few minutes.”

Where what you need for your workout, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to find yourself fainting to heat exhaustion, dealing with injuries, nor battling dehydration. None of these things will benefit your body, fitness, nor overall wellness. Weight is not gained overnight, so you must be patient with yourself and continue to be diligent in your workout regimen. Before you know it you’ll have the body you want without the negative side effects.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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