Health Requires More than a Gym.

( There is an influx of focus on bettering one’s health through a consistent workout regime, and engaging in a more active lifestyle. These are positive things to partake of, and working out has endless benefits for the body and mind. Some have managed their emotional state by incorporating daily workouts, and even yoga to help them create balance and foster peace inside. This is wonderful, because less stress means less strain on the body and blood pressure.

Because many of us are focused on exercise we could fall victim to the thinking that working out is the end all be all of taking proper care of ourselves. The truth is having the best health possible requires more than working out. Think about it…for our car to run at optimum level we must do more than give it gas. We must make sure the car is serviced regularly, and driven with care.

In addition to working out we must make sure that our diet is set up in a way that allows us to get the most out of our body. It is unreasonable to think that because one works out they can have a trash diet. Though cardio workouts are good for the heart it can’t stop high cholesterol, rid you of heart attack risks, nor cover your kidney. These things are, however, affected by what we eat and drink. If would be very wise not to stay in a state of minimal dehydration. If important to get the most out of your vitamin supplements and meals. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables while drinking adequate water is important to the overall health of our body. Controlling what we do in the kitchen will allow the workouts to be effective.

One thing that is vital for optimum health, that I admit I hate, is going the doctor to have regular checkups. You would want to know what diseases run in your family so that your physician can have that information. Talking to your doctor can make a difference in how you stay healthy, and they can keep a lookout for different ailments you make them aware of. If you know you come from a family whereby many people have had heart conditions, it’s important to have the blood work done on a regular basis because that will tell the doctors how you are progressing. It is important to get adequate sleep. While sleeping, the body has time to digest food, and, heal itself. Health is total package that we must embrace on all fronts.

Workout, stay hydrated, pay attention to your diet, get adequate rest and make sure you are keeping regular doctor visits to ensure you are in good health. Never take for granted that just excessing will cure all your health shortcomings. You owe it to yourself to do all you can to be in the best physical condition of your life. If you have your health there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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