Take Care of Your Back.

(BlackFitness101.com) In our community we see so much emphasis put on heart health, blood pressure and diabetes. These areas are very important. In our day to day health regimen we must not neglect our back. When we hear about having a back bone it is always in reference to strength of character. Truth be told without a strong back we have no legs to stand on. A strong and healthy back is vital to a strong and healthy spine…this is the medium between our head and legs. Too many people suffer from back pain ranging from mild to chronic. Some have endured the horror of back surgery only to testify that it is one of the worst surgeries to recover form, and often times the back is never the same again. Often times we excuse back ache as simply having over exerted ourselves or needing to rest more.

In the gym a lot of emphasis is put on leg, arm, and ab day while our2017black-couple-streching_e back often doesn’t get the attention necessary. When we are experiencing back pain that is the time to access all that we are doing, and seek to make positive adjustments. If back pain has never befallen you take preventive care measures to avoid this ailment.

Something as simple as paying attention to our posture when walking and sitting can greatly improve back health. When we walk or sit hunched over we put unnecessary stress and strain on our lower back which can lead to strained back muscles. Walking with bad posture can cause lower pack muscles to be compacted. This can lead to very sharp pains in the lower back that can affect one’s ability to stand up, and walk. We should always be mindful to walk and sit upright.

Furthermore, when lifting heavy items USE YOUR LEGS. If we merely pull up on heavy objects we can pull muscles in our back, slip a disc or cause more serious damage. We should never assume that our back can handle improper lifting. When we are in a gym doing resistance training it is importance to wear the back braces when needed, and lift in proper form. Taking these precautionary measures can prevent back injuries

Taking the time to stretch our backs regularly will help increase our range of motion, and decompress tight back muscles. Something as simple as laying on a large exercise ball on our stomach while lowering our head can help stretch our back without straining other parts of the body. Gravity will pull down on the body allowing out back to stretch out. Furthermore, staying properly hydrated helps to decrease back pain. When we constantly fail to drink enough water it can cause pain in our back and kidney area. Drinking adequate water is vital to kidney and back health. This kind of back pain can signal you that there may be problem with other areas of your body. It’s important to seek professional help if you find your back in constant pain for days.

Our back is one of the core areas of our strength…it helps keep us upright. Proper posture, lifting, and hydration can help prevent back injury. Taking the time to stretch, and target our back in a healthy workout can strengthen our back muscles. Learning more about how our back functions, and what it needs can benefit us as we engage in complete wellness. Take care of your back, and it will keep you standing tall.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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