Six Yoga poses you can do at your desk.

( Every day is the same: you go to work, you sit at your desk and you only leave your chair when you go home or you take a short break. This is not only uncomfortable, but also extremely dangerous for your health. Physical activity is vital for a healthy and happy life, and you can do something to improve yourself without too much effort.

As you already know, Yoga is extremely beneficial for your body and mind, and you don’t need to be a professional to practice it. As a matter of fact, there are some simple poses that you can do right at your desk. Check them out:

1. Scale Pose. What will you do if you want to stretch your muscles, but you can’t really leave your chair? It’s simple: do the Scale Pose. It will have an instant effect over your energy levels, and if you practice it every day you will reduce back and joints pain. Stay onTheTwist-2016-Yoga the edge of the chair and push your palms on the sides of the chair. Slowly, lift your body and support your entire weight just in your palms. Maintain this position for a few seconds, then sit back down.

2. High Altar Pose. For sure you did this move before, but you never realized that it is actually a very effective Yoga pose. Sit on the edge of the chair with your legs stretched forward. Lift your arms, unite your palms above your head and lean to the left; maintain the position for a few seconds, then repeat in the right side. It’s that easy, but it will do miracles for your back!

3. The Twist Pose. If you don’t have a great physical condition and you want to start with something very easy, this is the right pose for you. All you need to do is to sit on the edge of your chair and to turn your upper body to the left, like you want to look at the colleague sitting in your back. Keep one hand on the back of the chair and one hand on your left knee. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

4. Cow Face Arms Pose. You have muscles pain and your body is stiff? The Cow Face Arms pose will make you feel much better. Sit on the chair and bring your hands to the back. Clasp your fingers right behind your back, even if you have to stretch a bit more than usual to do this. Maintain for a few seconds, then switch hands and do it again.

5. Ankle and Knee Pose. This is a great Pose if your legs are numb from sitting all day long. Stay on the chair with your back straight and bring your left ankle over your right knee. Keep the pose for 5 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

6. Desk Upward Pose. The Desk Upward pose is so great because it works on every muscle of your body, and it will change the way you feel in just a few seconds. To do it, you have to get up from the chair and sit in front of your desk. Bend forward and place your palms on the table; at this point you should be two steps away from the desk, in a way that only allows you to touch it with your palms, not with your entire arm. Maintain this position for a few seconds, then get back straight and stretch with the tip of your fingers on the desk and your head tilted backwards. Repeat the moves at least 5 times and you will feel the difference!

There’s no reason to skip your exercise, even if you have to sit at your desk all day long. There are many poses that you can do, the only thing you need is motivation and the desire to change your life!

Staff Writer; Nina Brown

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