Low Carbs Might Not be a Bad Idea.

(BlackFitness101.com) Every diet might work to some degree if we stick to the stipulations of said diet. The problem tends to enter when we try to get off the diet. Once we go back to regular eating, even if its sensible, sometimes we find the scale moving forward.  This can cause a panic that sends us back into diet mode, or can cause us to strain ourselves during a workout trying to fix the scale. Fad diets are not a lifestyle and that can be very unhealthy. In addition to the pressure on the body as a result of weight fluctuation… our self-esteem tends to take a devastating blow.

Many women that fall victim to this situation find themselves depressed and unhappy which can also lead to weight gain. Finding an eating regimen that is a lifestyle verses an in the moment action can aid is in overall wellness instead of merely weight loss.  We should consider our level of activity, life factors and even talk to a nutritionist when deciding on an eating regimen. No lifestyle should be so confining that the margined for success is minimal. Of course African American couple preparing healthy mealnew habits require focus, yet we should remember to move at a pace that is comfortable and healthy when shifting our diet.

Every eating regimen won’t work for everyone, however I have found that a low carbohydrate lifestyle is rather efficient with restoring energy, assisting with burning fat and offers more support if the person is easing their way back into activity or exercise. To clarify this is not a plug for the Adkins diet, nor are we talking about no carbs. A diet with less white rice, pasta and bread… with more fiber, protein and non-starchy carbs can really help boost metabolism when coupled with consistent eating and exercise.  There are many ways to add more protein, positive carbs and vegetables to our daily regimen. Lentils and different beans assist with protein, and are filling. Fruit offer so many positive benefits and can function on our low carbohydrate portion.

The idea is to replace starchy negative carbs that can lead to diseases like diabetes in addition to weight gain with ones that are useful to the body. I am in no way implying one should cut all carbs, and eat uncontrolled amounts of meat fried and baptized in butter.  One reason the low carbs lifestyle received a bad rap is because some would partake in extra fatty meats cooked in the unhealthiest ways.  Doing this will definitely have a negative impact on your health regardless of how much weight is lost. Leans meats, leafy green vegetable… or a controlled amount of beans and lentils can have many positive effects on the body. One must also remember regardless of the lifestyle healthy water intake is very necessary.

A low carbohydrate lifestyle can aid in: weight loss, lower blood pressure, appetite control and reduces blood sugar so it’s helpful to diabetics. Granted this won’t be the best choice for everybody, yet it’s not a bad option to consider. Whether low carbs, low fat… or something entirely different aim to have a lifestyle change verses merely a hit or miss diet. Consistency is very important to good health… its needed in what we eat as well as our rate of exercise. Life is a lot easier to tackle when we are in good health. Eat well, stay happy and enjoy life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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